Monday, March 3, 2014

Mailbox Telemarketing (Mail-e-marketing?)

      Remember the days that telemarketers ruled the phone lines? Sometimes they still do, I guess. We got rid of our land line so I am pretty much free of the trash calls. I have found another form of annoyance that I am going to rant about today. It is what I consider mailbox telemarketing.

      I used to go to the mailbox and get the mail daily. Then I realized that not many good things come in the mail. Once in a while a magazine comes along that I like. But that is once or twice a month. All those other days the box gets filled with bills, etc. that we've asked be sent via electronically, and said companies continue to send paper statements. (That could be a whole different rant, but I won't.) So if the box isn't full of things you've asked not be sent it gets filled with this junk...

      Once a week these beautiful advertisements show up in the mailbox. As far as I know there is no way to stop it, like the early days of telemarketing. I don't use these restaurants. I don't shop at Rent-a-Center. And another mattress store, really? C'mon, people. 

      Stop littering my mailbox with this garbage. Every.damn.week. 

      Am I the only one who thinks this is mailbox telemarketing? Am I the only one thinking these "advertisements" are a waste of paper? And am I the only one who would like to ask the post office to stop clogging up my box with this crap? 

      HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP????????????????????????????????????????


      I don't need Gerber Life Insurance. Really. Stop the unnecessary slaughter of trees. :) Stop making me want to pull my hair out. I take these damn advertisements out of my mailbox and promptly put them in the recycle bin. It is nothing but a waste of time and space.

      At least back in Podunk these advertisement packs would contain the local grocery stores sales for the week. Here in the city there is not one ad for a grocery store. Just a bunch of stores I never shop, restaurants that continue to fatten up America, and useless life insurance junk. 

      Do you receive these ad packs? What is one good thing you get in the mail? Am I being too... critical?

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