Monday, March 31, 2014

Help Me Understand

      Let me just start off by saying that I know I probably won't gain any new followers after what I'm about to rant about. But I truly do believe that what I have to say needs to be said. I need to say it, because maybe one of you could explain to me why these things are popular. Help me see the light, so to speak.

      Those that follow know that I am striving to become a published author. It is a dream that I know will come true, one day. But sometimes I wonder what in the hell I am doing wrong. Especially when I see things like this on television...

      Honestly, it pains me to put that picture on my blog. I've named my beloved the Charmed One. Well, Charmed One loves this show, which means I have to endure aaagggg, and nonsensy untalented writing. I could write the same blog week after week, like the writing is for this show. And its a frickin blockbuster. UNBELIEVABLE. Really?

      When I want to escape reality I read. THINGS THAT ARE BELIEVABLE. I read books or articles that don't have the same plot, page after page. I mean, how can this show be that popular? I'm not against unrealistic ideas, just unrealistic ideas that are the same, week after week, show after show. Someone please help me understand how such things can be bought by agents, producers, a frickin television station, etc. 

      Again, I can understand how this may be popular in a comic book, but in an hour long television show? Crazy. Let's see, will the dead people come after us this week? Aaaaagggg, aaagggg, agggg. We have to shoot them in the head, chop their heads off, or spear them in the heads, etc. WeEk aFtEr WEEK. Oh wait, here's a little drama, is this "normal" person to be trusted or not? 

      Puhhhh leazzze.

      While I'm at it there is one more show that someone might help me to understand.

      Do I need to say anymore? Apparently I do. A television show based on an unbelievable being? And it runs for years? 

      I know, I know. I better stop before hate mail starts. If you are a believer, or follower, of either The Walking Dead, or Finding Bigfoot, good for you. Make me a believer! Tell me what I don't know, or what I am missing by not watching these shows. 

Are you a fan of either of these shows? Why should I watch either one? What is your least favorite television show at the moment?


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