Monday, August 19, 2013


Everyday one word in this sentence? I guess if you're an ostrich...
  Sometimes we all need a good laugh. It’s amazing how a chuckle can instantly change a mood from mediocre to good. I've always liked making people laugh. It is something I strive for. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes, eh, not so much. Today I’m on a mission. Today I promise to have a story that will bring a smile to your face. If it doesn’t? You may want to see a doctor. They make a pill for that! (Kidding!)

  I've been in moderate discomfort for the past couple of weeks. My mood has been off because of it. The Charmed One has to deal with the crankiness. Poor thing. To top it off I’ve been working on revisions to Book 2. That is usually a love/hate episode in itself. The other night was when I reached the end of my rope. I had unplugged my computer because I was using it in another room for a few minutes. When I came back I neglected to plug it back in (part of the pain issue, bending over hurts the back!) To make a long story short the laptop shut down when the battery died. No biggie right? I save everything I’m working on. Well, I do save it, but I forget what I named it. It would be too easy to name the file Book 2 revisions. I’m apparently not that smart. What am I telling you? I have lost my revisions. I’ve checked every file on this computer, and it is nowhere to be found. I am so stupid sometimes. What is that? You best not be laughing at that. This is not the story I promised would make you laugh. This is setting the mood for you, so you can see how… befuddled… I’ve been lately.

 Two days after that incident my father started sending me texts. Now, he is goofy sometimes. He makes up his own jokes that are sometimes funny, sometimes not, but I send him an lol anyways. His texts were talking about my mother and a chicken. Who knows? Finally I sent him some question marks. It turns out my mother was driving along in her car and WHAM-O, she hit a chicken. A chicken. This is rural Western NY here, not a tropical climate where many chickens roam freely.

  Now, the jokes are endless here. Why did the chicken cross the road? In my Mom’s case it didn’t! I digress. The funny thing is is that I can see her driving along and poof, feathers fly everywhere. Now, a chicken in the road is strange enough, but after my mother hit the poor thing she kept right on barreling down the road. I don’t know where she was going, but it must have been important. She did stop on her way back to tell the owner she was sorry. She also said there were chickens all up and down his driveway. I hoped she stopped the car and walked up to his door before any more damage was done.

  This story had me laughing throughout the night and for most of the next day. She has been a good egg, if you will. I told her I put it up on facebook, and I really don’t think she believed me when I said I was going to mention it in a blog. I figure if she hasn’t disowned me by now she won’t. The next night she texted me and told me that she forgot to tell me she almost hit a chicken on a different road just a couple weeks before that. I guess there is a bright spot to this story. I believe more people are raising chickens for their personal uses. I think that is a neat thing. Now, if those people could only keep them out of the road when my Mother is driving around!

  Did that bring a smile to your face? What is the strangest thing anyone could hit on a road near you? Do you raise chickens? Do you choose organic and/or free range chicken products? 

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