Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Overdue Tattoo

  Have you ever got so far ahead of yourself it seemed to take forever to catch up to where you pictured yourself being? Have you set out on a quest to accomplish something only to find yourself still trying months, or years, later? Did at least one of you answer yes? *sees someone nod their head* Phew, good. I knew I wasn’t the only one.

   I seem to have become a professional at this very thing. I started this blog; got myself a website, opened a twitter account, and started the Kelly Ryan Watson page on Facebook. (Have you ‘liked’ me yet?) Why did I do those things? Because I am a writer. I wanted to start building a platform for when I become a published writer. Now, years later, sometime later, I’m still waiting for that dream to come true. Maybe I got a little ahead of myself, or maybe I am not moving along as fast as I should, or maybe it is a combination of the two. Who knows? I am still moving forward toward that dream. It will happen one day, I’m sure of it.

  There, I’ve said it. I sometimes read my dang bio’s on these websites and wonder if I am an imposter. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Should I have written my little tidbits differently? Probably, but I am just waiting for the day I can go in and change them to read author, and not, soon-to-be author. All in due time.

  There is another tidbit I stated in a blog a while ago. Did you read my rant entitled Ink Or Leather? I told you all I was either going to get a tattoo or a motorcycle. *a big smile comes across my face* Well, to prove I am not full of hot air, I am actually following through and getting one of those things this week. I’m a little bit nervous but a whole lot of excited! And because my Mom does read these I have to tell you what it is, because if she thinks I’m getting a motorcycle she will worry from this point on. Worry not, Mom. Your daughter is getting a tattoo this week!

  I made the appointment yesterday, then I sat and wondered if my tattoo choice was correct. Then I wondered if where I am putting it is right. Then I just smiled because I am happy I am getting one. I have wanted another for quite some time, and just never really had a good idea of what I wanted. After scouring and scouring Pinterest and the internet I have narrowed it down to a couple. I am happy with either, and am 95% sure which one it will be (modified just a little). But, I thought I would ask you as well…

  Should I keep with my pen name? (Although I am very much Irish, my real name does not have Ryan in it. My great grandfather was a Ryan, and the name sadly got lost along the way.)
It is not going on my side.

  Or, since I am a horticulturalist, should I go with something like this?
Not quite like this, but close.

  I’m all smiles because I love these.

  Oh, and did I tell you my tattoo artist has a British accent? *sigh* Do you know how much I love an accent? And did you know my current heroine may have a slight addiction to tattoos? Can you see that this trip is not only for my own satisfaction, it may be a little research project as well? 

  I’m super stoked about this. I’m sure I’ll have to follow up and show you all a pic after it is done! That is, if you want to see it.

  Do you get a few steps ahead of yourself? What’s the last present you gave yourself? Do you like either tattoo? Which do you think? Pen name or horticulturalist? Do you follow me on here or Facebook  (If the answer is yes, THANK YOU!)

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