Thursday, August 22, 2013

Those Crazy Signs

    The time has come! It has been a long while since I've posted funny signs that I've found in my internet image travels. I was clearing out some pics from my computer and I realized I had enough to hopefully make you laugh. Some are self explanatory, others I may add a note. Either way, sit back, scroll down, and enjoy!

What do you suppose this means? Attention! Crocodile rock area ahead? Alligator air guitar area?


I was served a huge drink with a value meal the other day at McDonald's. I believe that is totally unnecessary. And another reason one day I will write the blog entitled "The Fattening of America." What happened to getting a regular drink where you couldn't go up and help yourself as many times as you want? Ever notice they don't offer water in those dispensers?

This one is for my Mom. If you read the blog CRASH you will understand. If you didn't... What are you waiting for? :)

Now this is just disturbing. 

I found this on an Irish website. Just one more reason I love the Emerald Isle.

I have no idea about this one. A seagull is watching, don't step in the fire? 

And finally...

    There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the latest version of What The H*%# does that sign mean. Of course I'm always on a mission to bring a smile to your face. I hope this did it!

Which was your favorite? Do you have any explanations for these? Have you spotted a funny sign lately?

W.P.I.-  I even found a funny plant sign...
I couldn't help myself!

  Don't care for that one? Hows about this one?
All the rain we've had here in Podunk lately it is hard to keep up with weeding. Here's a tip: Plant cover crops. Old World Garden Farms says that planting cover crops in the fall prevents spring and summer weeds. Again, bare soil is an invitation for weeds to take root. Cover crops sharply reduce the amount of bare soil in your garden. They also form a buffer between the garden bed and any weed seeds that might fall on it. Cover crops do double duty as fertilizers for the garden, and also can act as an ecologically friendly alternative to grass lawns.

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