Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picture This With A Samsung Galaxy S3

  If you are new to my blog, or rant as I like to call them, WELCOME! My name is Kelly, and I am addicted to plants. And writing. I kid. I am a horticulturalist by trade and a writer by dream! Er, I'm a writer as well. I rant on Mondays and Thursdays. At the end of Thursdays ramblings I always include what I like to call Weekly Planting Information, or W.P.I. I try to cover different plants, so the information varies. 

  I live in Podunk, North Carolina. Usually the summers are hot, humid, and dry. Back in early June my rain barrel was empty, and I just knew we were in for another of our famously dry Summers. Well, then I went on vacation. I set up a sprinkler system for some plants I had not put in the ground yet in an area where I had planted new ones earlier in the Spring. I had a friend come and check on the vegetable garden and a couple other planting beds. Of course, when I went away the rain came. And it hasn't left yet. It has been the wettest July on record here, and August's weather is looking a lot like July's. That means two things... 1)I can't keep up with mowing the grass, and 2)The plants are VERY happy. (Exceptions are being made for the gardenias.)

  I have also developed an addiction to taking pictures. I recently joined Instagram and I can't stop looking for the perfect picture. All the pictures I take are from my phone, but I think it takes better pictures than my digital camera. (I've already dropped hints about a possible camera for a Christmas present!) So today I wanted to share with you. Because I'm giving like that! All of these pics were taken either at my house or somewhere I have visited this Summer. I hope you enjoy...

  This I just took Wednesday. Pictured is my favorite flower, Hot Lips Salvia. They change colors from white to a mix of white and red to red.

   Next is a pic of a Swamp Hibiscus. I took numerous pictures of this one trying to get it just perfect. It hasn't happened yet.

   Here is one I am proud of. I saw two on the plant while I was eating lunch. I went out there to try a get a picture and another flew in and landed. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. The plant is a Hyssop.

   Next is a Purple Coneflower. I cannot tell you how many pictures of them I have taken, but they are so beautiful it is hard not to. This is just one. 

  To me, the colors of the Swallowtail are amazing. I've been thankful to have many butterflies and hummingbirds this year.

  The raindrops lingered on this St. John's Wort. I couldn't resist taking a picture or ten of it.

  There you have it. Some of the pretty flowers and winged wonders from gardens I've been around this year. I'd say the rain has done wonders. Who would've thought flowers could be so pretty! 

  Do you have a green thumb? Do you enjoy the visual splendor flowers create? Are you a visitor to Instagram? What is your favorite flower?

W.P.I.- The key to properly watering plants is all about paying attention. That's because there are no hard or fast rules. Determining whether a plant needs water or not is always a judgment call. It depends on the type of plant, the type of soil, the weather and exposure, the time of year, and many other variables.

Every plant in your house or garden is probably unique in its water requirements. The only way you can accurately determine if you do or don't need to water, and how much water to apply, is by assessing the needs of that particular plant. Fortunately this is easy to do — even for a teenager on a hot summer day. You just need to check the soil.

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