Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking A Hike In The Blue Ridge

          Exercise was one of those things I never thought much of. Much of my life was consumed with playing sports, either with the neighbors, or as an after school activity. I lived in a rural town. Riding bikes to the neighbors was a necessity due to the distance from one house to another. Even after a knee injury in high school I continued to push the limits. My former job even seemed to be nine hours of exercise a day.

          Unfortunately that ended about a year ago. My level of exercise went from high to low in a matter of days. I know I’m not as in shape as I used to be, but I didn’t realize how much until the other day. For the first time in a while we had a day start out with full sun, and the chance for rain was low. The Charmed One had been gone for a few days because of the job, so we decided to head for the mountains. 

          One great thing about the state of North Carolina is the scenery. Within an hour or so I can be in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Three to four hours I can be at the ocean. Because of the proximity we head to the mountains a lot. One place we hadn’t visited yet was Linville Falls Gorge. That became our destination.

          My breath is taken away from me when I see views like this. Of course, when your vehicle is going seventy miles an hour down the interstate it is hard to get a good pic of the mountains, but I tried.

          We drove and drove. And once you hit those roads that become so narrow because they are cut out of rock, the curves become so sharp your grip on the steering wheel tightens, and rays of sun peek out from here or there are due to the thick forest, you know you are in the mountains.

          We arrived and quickly realized that a… er… short (snicker) hike was needed to get to the falls itself. Ok. I like to hike. The people on the trails were friendly. Some walked with their dogs. Tails and tongues were wagging. The scenery was beautiful. So, care to take a hike with me?

Sorry! Taking picture into the sun=bad pic!
        Are you tired yet? I will warn you, this short trek turned into a couple mile hike! Feel the burn?  

           It was well worth it! The air was crisp. The water was tranquil, then mad and rushing, then tranquil again. The scenery was fabulous.

           Now, our muscles are a tad bit sore today. When we go back in the fall we might even try out the big kids trail, aka the advanced trail.

            Do you exercise on a regular basis? Is there a scenic destination near you? Have any of your short treks turned into a never-ending hike?

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