Thursday, August 1, 2013

Handle With Care

  Right now I am sitting, listening to the sound of rain hitting the roof. My dogs lie on each side of me and snore gently, making me want to join them. There is no other sound, just dogs and rain. It is nice. Really nice, and I am thankful for such a peaceful moment. My mind spins as I try to figure which way to turn this rant, and the quiet is slowly replaced with a distant hum. Soon I will have to get up. Soon the quiet will disappear, being replaced with clanging and banging. Right now I am at rest. When I am up I’m commonly referred to as a bull in a china shop.

  I don’t know how I became this person I am. When I was younger I took ballet and gymnastics. I had some grace. I wasn’t star quality, but I was okay. I was athletic. One needs certain balance and prowess to be suitable enough for the athletic world. I had it. I just don’t know where it all went.

  I have become one of those people that can’t be trusted to catch or carry anything breakable. I think I should be condemned from hand washing certain glasses that can’t go in the dishwasher. Listen, if they’re not allowed in the dishwasher, Kelly shouldn’t be allowed to touch them. They are way too fragile for these hands. Case in point, after breaking a couple champagne flutes, wine glasses, and shot glasses from our old set of nice breakable glassware I purchased a new set of beautiful, fragile, wine glasses. It was a set of four. Was is the key word in that sentence. I found out that granite counter tops are not very kind to any type of glassware. It took no sympathy on me when I misjudged the distance from the sink to the counter.  

  I wish I could stop there, but I can’t. I drop things. All.The.Time. I’m not joking when I say that I drop at least one thing a day. Some days it is nothing major. Others… Well other days I swear you can hear the smashing from miles away. I have to have a cover for my cell phone. The last one was one of those you-can-run-over-it-with-a-Humvee-and-it-won’t-break kinds. That though, was a little too manly. Now, with this phone I have this nice case. See that black strap? I can tell you I’ve dropped that phone and was lucky enough to catch it by that little black strap. At least four times.
Black strap saves the day!

  Did I tell you I run into things, too? Yes, that’s another one of my talents. I misjudge where furniture, pets, or people are. Once I hear a grunt or yip I know I’ve inflicted damage with my not so graceful anymore self.

  Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. Why don’t my hands grasp properly? Why don’t my eyes see that there is a dog tail there on the floor where I’m going to step? I’m not sure of any answers to these questions, but I do know that calling me a bull in a china shop is mostly accurate. I just cringe when I hear it.

  I truly think these can sometimes be cute little quirks that I may add to one of my heroines one day. I’m always looking for different types of quirks, other than the usual. Maybe I have to look no further than my own house!

  I’m enjoying the peace now. Soon I will have to get up and make dinner. Let the clanging begin! Keep your fingers crossed!

  Do you get peaceful moments throughout the day? Do you drop things all the time? Do you do quirky things, or know someone that does? Care to share, this writer wants to know!

  Weekly Planting Information- Many people think orchids are among the most fragile of flowers. They do like to have certain temperatures and humidity. They even prefer their growing media to be just so. With all that being said a little education and you can grow orchids with the best of them. I once visited an orchid farm and the owner was more than willing to assess and choose what might be the right orchid for the customer. She even offered classes to educate people more about the certain requirements that make orchids happy. Even though it may be considered a fragile flower it is a beautiful one. Do you think these hands could handle one?

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